Don’t you want to shine?

„Tall grass and a blistering heat
I’ve got the burns on my back
Dirt on the soles of my feet
They say, „Come here where the air is sweet,
Play the game we’re playing,“
I heard them saying:

Here’s where you lose your mind
The water here’s divine
You’re doing just fine
Come on darling,
Don’t you want to Shine?“

It’s time. It’s time to shine. It’s time to write in English. Time to follow my heart and admit to myself that the new language of my heart is English, even if MY English is miles away from perfect. I apologise for randomly changing the language of my blog in advance and hope that you guys will still keep reading. Luckily our German people have no problems with understanding English, it would be far more problematic the other way around. Not sure how interesting this can be for potential new English native readers…I guess we will find out. I promise to do my best and deliver some interesting genuine posts.

I knew that one day this would happen, I didn’t expect it to happen that soon though to be perfectly honest. In November it will be two years that I abandoned my (back then as absolutely lovely considered) home city Berlin, having suddenly decided to leave everything I knew and owned behind and start all over again. The fact that my former boyfriend was a ‚Londoner chap‘ was the main reason for leaving the country. So I moved to London right into his brand new purchased flat in Sutton. I know, I know, Sutton isn’t London. It doesn’t feel like London, it doesn’t look like London and it doesn’t smell like London. Please let’s not even go down the road of discussing whether the ‚Suttoners‘ look or behave like Londoners, they DON’T, no matter whether you may want to compare them to people from Camden, Brixton, Chelsea or Shoreditch. Sutton has no style, let’s face it — it does have heart though. Funny enough I didn’t have any clue that I am moving to London’s tacky sister Surrey, so I didn’t have to worry about it.

However, only 7 months after the big move I ended up alone in beautiful not Sutton-like Fulham being challenged to take care of my shit myself since my boyfriend and I didn’t make it into the future. Today I am probably more of a Londoner than my EX boyfriend will ever be. After months of living for the moment and not being able to open up my heart completely whilst opening my blouse now and then, I have found love. Since December I am dating a wonderful man that I enjoy every minute with, he makes me smile, kisses and understands me, protects me and holds me when I sleep. But what would be a life without challenges? He is 4.5 years younger than me, yay: 26 – 31. You can probably imagine that this is exciting, interesting but also a little bit scary sometimes. I Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Surprisingly writing this article wasn’t as difficult as I imagined. It just feels right to shine (and waking up beside him).